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PBV on board the 103rd Oceania Voyage


Suzuki Ikumo of Peace Boaat Disaster Relief (PBV) joined the 103rd Oceania Voyage to talk about Peace Boat's most recent disaster relief efforts. 

Looking Back: How did the International Student (I...


Our second entry on our looking back into Peace Boat's history series, introducing how the International Student Programme for students from conflict areas began.

Video: Webinar on Peace and Cooperation in Northea...


View the GPPAC Northeast Asia webinar: Peace and Cooperation in Northeast Asia after COVID-19: From National to Human Security

Call for urgent support - Dr Denis Mukwege's Panzi...


Peace Boat supports fundraising efforts for Dr Denis Mukwege’s Panzi Hospital in the conflict-affected Democratic Republic of the Congo, as it struggles against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate Reality Leaders take action on the 103rd O...


The 103rd Oceania Voyage featured climate change presentations as part of Peace Boat's ongoing fight for climate action alongside the Climate Reality Project. 

Looking Back: The beginning of international educa...


Next in our retrospective series looking back at the history of Peace Boat is a glimpse at the 24th Voyage, and the start of the International Students (IS) programme, starting in the UK!

The international responsibility for nuclear disar...


Global civil society demands bolder action from NPT states parties

"SDGs Days": Celebrating the Sustainable Developme...


See how the 103rd Oceania Voyage celebrated the SDGs with two days of presentations, workshops and activities. 

Webinar on Peace and Cooperation in Northeast Asia...


A GPPAC Northeast Asia Webinar, May 22 2020

Looking Back: Peace Boat’s first global voyages


This is the first in a series of posts to share pamphlets and newsletters from our previous voyages, which which illustrate significant events in Peace Boat's long and adventurous biography! We hope you will enjoy joining us on this journey.

Creating GET: How the GET Programme got its Start


The GET Programme, Peace Boat's English and Spanish language school, has been a central part of the Peace Boat community for nearly 20 years. This is how it all began.